The company Contemporary Literature(“Hyundae Munhak” in Korean), founded in 1954, is one of the leading publishing companies in the literary field and has been publishing the nation's most prestigious monthly literary magazine The Contemporary Literature and a wide range of books on humanities and arts.

The magazine Contemporary Literature, turning out its 767th issue in November 2018, is the nation's longest-lived monthly literary magazine and has been representing the Korean literature world-wide. About 603 of poets, novelists, and literary critics have made their literary debut through this magazine, including such world-famed figures as Park Kyung-ri, Ko Eun, Hwang Dong-kyu and Cho Jeong-rae, introducing a total of 40,000 works.

The company Contemporary Literature annually honors the year's most outstanding works in fiction, poetry and criticism through its annual Contemporary Literature Prize, one of the most coveted literary awards in Korea, to encourage creative spirit of the literary elites of the nation.
The magazine Contemporary Literature has been playing the role of steering wheel in the history of modern Korean literature, is available in major libraries across the world, and serves as the most reliable source for the study of contemporary Korean literature.

Since 1983, the Company has been active in diversifying its publications in addition to the monthly magazine and publishing highly originative literary works in separate volumes so that our readers can always stay in the forefront of contemporary literature, meeting with the freshest literary challenges of the times. We have been staying awake also to the overseas literature and published Korean translations of many foreign literary masterpieces including winners of world-famed awards, along with those in the fields of humanities and arts recognized world-wide.
In 2007, the Company launched its second brand “Polarbooks”which covers publications in social sciences including economics, management and other practical areas as part of the scheme to transform itself into a general publishing company.

Oct 1954 Company incorporated.
Jan 1961 Receives Cultural Merits Award from Seoul City Government for having published. the monthly 'Contemporary Literature' for 10 years.
May 1967 Receives a plaque of appreciation for outstanding contributions from Minister of Culture and Public Information of the Korean government.
Nov 1967 Receives the 1st Korea Magazines Association Award in Management category.
May 1983 Starts publishing separate books in addition to the monthly magazine.
Nov 1994 Selected as one of the Excellent Magazines by Office of Public Information of the Korean government.
Jan 1996 Celebrates the 500th issue of the monthly 'Contemporary Literature'
Nov 2000 Hosts a Contemporary Literature Symposium under the theme 'Artists in the Age of Popular Culture.'
Mar 2005 Celebrates the Company's 50th anniversary, holding a commemorative symposium and publishing '50 years Hyundae Munhak', a monumental book designed by the world-renowned graphic artist Robert Massin showing the whole history of the magazine by reprinting the front covers and the contents of all issues of the magazine in one thick and colorful volume.
Mar 2010 Hosting of Hyundae Munhak's 55th Anniversary Ceremony and Hyundae Munhak's 55th Awards Ceremony Publication of a commemorative literary anthology, sponsored by Arts Council Korea